Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"You are your own First Responder!"

One person who has been a great inspiration to me is Lt. General Russel Honore.  You may remember him as the Army General who led Task Force Katrina.  He is a true American Hero because in the middle of "government inaction"- he stepped in and took a no nonsense control in the way a true leader does.  He set out steps and a plan for help... and when the media whined and balked, he told them bluntly, "Don't get stuck on stupid!"

That sums it up. Don't cry about what's happened, don't tell me all the reasons this wont work, or "that's not practical." Move ahead with a good plan!
Lt. General Honore says one of the hardest lessons learned from Katrina is: "You are your own First Responder!"
His 1st Step jump-start advice:
1. Have a plan to evacuate
2. Have an emergency evacuation kit, and 3 days supply of food and water at home
3. Have a Weather Radio- or some other means of staying informed

This is the very basics... but a life saver, and something we all can do!

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