Monday, October 10, 2011

What helps us, motivates us, and pushes us over the top?

We all have lazy days. In fact, in the South, one of our great prides is figuring out what to do on a Sunday afternoon. Fishing or sleeping? Hunting or relaxing poolside? Hunkering over that Sunday paper little longer after church? I could go on for hours! 

But let's face it. Some of us, no matter where we were born, just have that inner spark. We have to run faster, jump higher, kick better, or somehow excel beyond the imagination.

My imagination is always in awe of our military... The Warriors who may not even realize it is Sunday.  They train and support each other every day of the week. They are out there defending our rights and our ability to have a "lazy day", whether we acknowledge them or not. God bless our military, and God bless the USA!

Here is former Navy Seal, David B. Rutherford. You may request his friendship on Facebook or www.   He goes around the country, inspiring others to do the very thing I wish this generation could have learned from their great grandparents. Work your hardest. Be the best you can be. Be a leader.Support your team!   Never stop training. Never give up. And of course, much more. He understands the meaning of being a part of a team... and teaches others that even in a "team",  the last man on the team has an important part. Sometimes the last is truly the first.  David was a Medic on his SEAL Team... so I think you understand what he means.

As you prepare for emergencies, remember David Rutherford. Remember his motivation. Remember his loyalty and dedication to his team. Remember why the Navy SEALS are one of the most elite fighting forces on the planet.  Remember to be successful, we have to work together as a team. Your family is your first team! Encourage them! Train them up!

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