Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Frankly, my dear- You need to prepare to make bank!

Here is a subject I have been pondering for a while.

Let's say... a disaster (pick one) happens, and there is a temporary collapse of the way we go about our everyday lives. No banks or ATMs, maybe no jobs... and it may be a while before civilization as we know it comes back.  If ever!
Just our luck, the Tax Collector survives, and wants the taxes on Tara before our cotton field is ready for market! We may be prepared to barter some things, and turn Mama's portiers into a dress... but are there some ways to plan ahead to make some cash in the hard times?
Stealing your sister's wealthy fiance is still frowned upon, so I was excited to see the blogspot, Frugally Sustainable, attack this very question! Here are some of their suggestions, adaptable to small or large spaces:
1.Follow your interests and do what you love – Before you do anything else, do what you love and the provision will follow.
2.Eat from your garden and sell the rest – Utilize every square inch of your property for production. Focus on planting perennials that come back year after year and require little care (i.e. nuts, fruits, berries, etc.). Gather provisions for your family and sell the rest for profit. Consider...selling at a farmer's  market.
3.Raise and sell animals – .... raising heritage breed rabbits and selling them on craigslist and/or to local farm supply stores as pets.
4.Sell pastured eggs from your backyard hens – ... There are farmers that are making thousands of dollars raising and selling pastured eggs.
5.Start a Farm School – ....Open your home to teaching people the old ways of doing things. ...Wisdom that was once commonly passed down from generation to generation has in many ways been lost. People are eager for a rebirth of traditional know-how.
6.Turn your crafty skills into a profitable business – Make candles, soaps, lotions, homemade/repurposed clothing....
7.Write – Begin chronicling your interests. Use social media to your advantage (smile).Create a blog ... someone will find your thoughts valuable.

This is just the short version. I encourage you to visit this great site! Read more at

A good point made by this author is that big is not necessarily better. What good is that 160 acres of land over at Twelve Oaks if you don't have the seed or workers to help farm it? Work what you have, and make every square foot count- even on a balcony! Even in Atlanta!
We say we long to find a more simple, self-sufficient way of living... but the more we read and study we see that the simple life is not as simple as it appears. Learn how to make do with less, and how TO DO more! Learn how to can, sew, and garden... and maybe even how to birth a baby, just in case! After all,  Tomorrow is another day! Get ready!

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