Tuesday, October 11, 2011

100 Important Skills- How Do You Score?

Ran across this article today... 100 Skills Every Person Should Know. Hmmm... interesting... Everything from Survival Extreme situations and Primitive Skills, to How to Replace a Hard Drive!

I've done my share of "Change A Diaper" and ""Shine Shoes"... but not so much of "Escape a Rip Current" or "Hang Food In The Wild"... Certainly "food" for thought!  Now I just wonder if there is a YouTube video on How to Help A Seizure Victim, or Use a French Knife....


Meanwhile... for the more hardcore... The Survivalists Bucket List.


Hey! We don't have time to be slack. Look around... There is no one to "bail out" you and me. Don't just buy those survival books! Read, practice, and teach. My friends, there is no time to sit on the sofa and watch mindless sitcoms. Make every day matter.  God bless you, and Bless The USA.

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