Monday, October 17, 2011

A Classic On The Reading List

Whether you are just starting to prepare, or have been at this as "a way of life" for a while, you can certainly appreciate the Preparedness Manual set forth by The Church of Latter Day Saints. Better known as The Mormons, these folks have preparedness and long term food storage at the heart of their belief system. This is not the time or place to debate Mormon-ism... I'm just offering this link if you are interested.
The book, (which you can order from LDS for less than $10, or download for free below), starts off with a little evangelism... but at about page 15 you can begin to see these people have it going on.

Here is a sampling of the table of contents:

20 Food Storage
22 BARE-MINIMUM Food Storage Requirements,
23 Do you Really have a Year’s Supply?
24 Basic Food List
28 Monthly Food Storage Purchasing Calendar
32 The Seven Major Mistakes in Food Storage
34 Common Storage Foods
35 Grains & Flours
45 Legume Varieties
47 Availability of Grains & Legumes
50 Moisture Content in Grains & Legumes
52 Dairy Products
55 Canned Fluid Milks and Cremes, Butter, Cheese, Eggs,
58 Sugar, Honey and Sweeteners,
63 Fats and Oils
65 Cooking Adjuncts
69 Infant Formula
71 Growing and Using Sprouts
73 Pros & Cons of Freeze-Dried, Dehydrated, MRE, etc..,
74 MREs, Meal Ready to Eat,
81 Storage Containers,
93 Oxygen Absorbers
93 Moisture Control,
99 Spoilage,
105 Storage Lives of Dehydrated Food

111 Water
124 Master Food List
128 Master Seed List
129 OK, But what do I prepare for?
132 Surviving in the City
142 Money
145 Defense
147 Clothing
148 Emergency Heating & Cooking
150 Emergency Light
158 Emergency Shelter
159 Master Preparedness List
173 Space Cramp, Where do I Put it all?
175 Emergency Sanitation
176 Emergency Toilets & Garbage Disposal
178 Emergency Generators
184 Thoughts on Disaster Survival, post Katrina
193 Protecting Yourself From Terrorism,
197 Homeland Security Advisory System,
199 Preparing for a Pandemic,
200 Fact about Avian Flu,
204 Quarentine,
205 Quarentining for Epidemics,
207 Biological and Chemical Agent Dispersion,
211 Common Biological and Chemical Agents
213 Nuclear - Chemical Decontamination Kit,
215 Nuclear Disaster and Warfare
219 What to do After a Nuclear Attack,
221 What to do Before a Nuclear Attack

the link:

There is also a food calculator on line. Put in the number of people you are preparing for, and it calculates how much food you should expect to store to cover them:
the link: 

As I always say... Prepare, then go on and enjoy your life! Have a great day, my friends!

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